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Platform Experts provides custom solutions based on your needs. 

About us




If growing your e-Commerce business to its maximum potential is your goal, we can help meet and exceed that goal.


If maintaining your e-Commerce business to grow revenue at a pace that does not disrupt your other sales channels is your goal, we can also help accomplish that goal.


Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a wide range of services that are constantly expanding. Our mission is to provide the best solutions and services to achieve your company's goals. 


Platform Experts is a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial, and dedicated group of professionals comprising of a high-performance team of professionals. We are highly dependable, driven by challenges, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence.

We have experience managing multi-million-dollar e-Commerce businesses, including purchasing, inventory, and sell-through trends analysis, sales growth, brand development, increasing returns on investments, and driving product performance.

We are resolute team players with a collaborative leadership style, fostering long-term partnerships with various teams, clients, senior leaders, and stakeholders. We thrive in high-pressure and deadline-driven environments, consistently driving operational excellence.

Feel free to email us at or call us at 206-414-0076.